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Golden Book

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Albina  and   Adriana

What class, beauty. I didn't regret at all having met such a charming and sweet girl. Even though I was a little scared and hesitant given her profile, from the first minutes, I had the feeling of having known her all my life. She was so natural and cheerful, time passed too quickly, and what's more, I had such a professional massage that even in five-star hotels you don't do it.

My dear Adriana, thank you very much for this unforgettable moment


I met these two divines at my hotel for the evening, very pretty and pleasant, sublime bodies. When they arrived, I was captivated by this elegance and grace.
We don't get bored, very naughty high class, explosion of the brain, body and soul, a beautiful meeting as I like them, the evening passed too quickly.
Real photos without a doubt, service to match, for me it's the best escort, kisses and see you next time.

A beautiful meeting, it was a real pleasure of sensuality, refinement...
What more can be said
Compliant photos, a mix of eroticism and elegance.
quality service, a good social level, you quickly feel at ease alongside them. You have to organize yourself to make an appointment, the ladies have another activity.
It's rare for girls who don't get a lot.

I hope to see them again soon


My dear Adriana, thank you again for our wonderful evening. I still can't forget your beautiful face, your smile and your joy.  Your originality, liveliness and refinement are a rare gift. 

Stay as you are. I finally signed the contract, thanks for the inspiration! See you soon. I hope you remember your Prince Charming ;) We had dinner at Georges V.


Albina and Adriana, thank you for this wonderful evening at the Brach Hotel. I finally fulfilled my fantasy of spending the night with two beauties! I don't want to reveal the details of our meeting here.

But I can say that I have never experienced such pleasure before! I want to see you again…


Simply fabulous! 2 magnificent young ladies, very elegant, very classy, whom I had come to my hotel for the evening, discreet and damn pretty girls!

 It really  a very good experience for me, a high quality duo,  they really gave me a lot  of pleasure. THE very GFE meeting that I was waiting for. 

On the menu, striptease, show, massages... Their expert and gentle hands make the massage very pleasant. A true alchemy of tonic and softness. 

It's interesting to chat with them on any subject, they know how to make your head spin!

Two hot girls all to myself. Kisses to both.



I met the duo over a year ago and since then I regularly meet girls when I come to Paris. Due to the nature of my work, I often have to travel and live between London, Los Angeles and Paris.

 And I can confidently say that I have never met companions of such a high standard.

 Our evenings in Paris fill my life so much emotionally, physically and mentally that I find myself looking forward to our meetings with great impatience.

It's not just a sexual communion with two beautiful young girls. 

It surprises me every time how they know how to touch my most intimate feelings and desires, filling me and charging me with such energy that I feel like I'm returning to my youth.

 I have never felt such pleasure with anyone!


Dear Albina, thank you for our weekend. I enjoyed every moment spent with you. I look forward to our next meeting.


Albina is an ideal lover. I have known her for more than two years. No woman has given me so many emotions and sensual pleasures. I adore her body, her smell and her eyes. She is always elegant and well-groomed. Every time I see her, I especially enjoy our endless conversations. Every time she surprises me with her fantasies, arouses my interest. And every time I want to see her again. I'll be back in Paris soon. I want to see you dear


A very pleasant meeting with a sublime woman. Albina is very welcoming and her natural beauty, class and good humor easily put you at ease. It's a beautiful gfe atmosphere, the dream girlfriend for me, very sweet, and subtly naughty, it's a pleasure to spend time with the beauty. In terms of massages, Albina is sensational, I won't go into details. Kiss



I've been dating Albina for several years. I have been divorced for over 20 years and I no longer want to start a family. Before meeting Albina, I often used escort services. But for several years, I no longer wanted to see other women. For what ? Because I think she's an ideal woman. I'm interested in spending time with her, she makes me want to live. She constantly excites my fantasy. She has a particular gift of seduction. It's like she penetrates my brain and makes me think of her, but they are pleasant thoughts and I want to see her again and again


Superb meeting. Albina is a wonderful girl, very charming. She really has a lot of charm. She is punctual like me when it comes to appointment times. beautiful apartment, perfect communication, the approach is classy and the entire duration of the meeting behaves like a real gfe. I won't give details of what happened next, but it was delicious. Ideal woman for quality time! In addition, this woman is very smart. I met with her in a very stressful state, because my deal, which I had been preparing for the last two years, fell through. I don’t know what kind of education she has, but she helped me find the ideal solution. The deal went through in the best option for me! See you soon Albina. I am very grateful to you.



Albina is very beautiful. Sharer. Natural. Feminine. A real sensual woman. Certainly you will not need my assessment to run to see her, but frankly this woman is a love... I liked


This girl is devilishly beautiful and intelligent. I paid for the evening with her for my main client. I don't know what she did with it, but I received twice as many orders as expected. Albina, I am very grateful to her.


Albina is very classy and very beautiful. .I was a little hesitant to go see her, I was afraid of meeting a cold and distant young woman, given her profile. But not at all! Albina is cheerful, natural, bubbly, intelligent, in a word adorable and puts you at ease from the first seconds. She has a body to die for…



On my arrival I was welcomed in a very nice apartment by two very beautiful and elegant girls (as in the photos) 

I quickly discovered that they were very friendly, simple and open. They created a special atmosphere and made our meeting truly unique!

Because, beyond words, two women of incredible sweetness, magnificent sensuality and enormous sincerity.

I kiss you my princesses


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